Need gfadmin assist during business hours Older children are encouraged to sit in the service. I think starting with gf3. Bowdoin College. BTW: the problem "Unknown protocol: jndi" maybe happen because when glassfish-osgi-console-plugin resolved failed, gf system is a part-started state.

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BTW: the problem "Unknown protocol: jndi" maybe happen because when glassfish-osgi-console-plugin resolved failed, gf system is a part-started state. Starting with 3. You ed in with another tab or window.

I suspect "jndi" url handler is not getting registered properly and that's causing this error. This also explained what sahoo said: "What might be happening is that adminconsole is coming up before the startlevel is reached to 2.

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As far I can remember, we had logs and some environment setups. ConsoleProvider, and glassfish-osgi-console-plugin implemented a hk2 service of the ConsoleProvider called org. LifecycleException: java. It occurs on a clean Glassfish install, after the glassfish-osgi-gui install.

As a result, the activator of web-glue never got called and hence nobody registered jndi protocol handler.

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Star New issue. To reproduce the problem: Make a standard install of Glassfish 3.

I'm just a sole proprietorship and work hard to build Need gfadmin assist during business hours for clients with.

CertificateRealm successfully created. OSGIConsoleProvider, then after loading admin gui,and while re-start domain, gf will load admin gui app, and also load glassfish-osgi-console-plugin because of contract ConsoleProvider.

Earlier, it used to load on demand only. Steps: Plain vanilla install next-next-finish ; update tool enabled; install glassfish-osgi-gui. This is good news. I also had an Unknown protocol error in one point, but I wasn't able to track how to reproduce it.

LeoInside: Could reply to the questions I had asked earlier? The errors were random and ocurred during GF startup time. I made a confirmation: After happening "Unknown protocol: jndi" issue, I cleared osgi-cache and re-start domain, result is that "Unknown protocol: jndi" issue still existed.

Until this service is registered, we Horny babes in waxhaw nc use URLs with jndi scheme.

BundleException: Cannot start bundle org. Already on GitHub?

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Restart server. This is happening because glassfish-osgi-console-plugin. See 1 for more details.

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So, once server is up, there are two thre which are running concurrently - one the start level thread which is changing the start level to final start level and the other one is loading adminconsole. Our web container relies on jndi URL scheme internally.

Second - once we get past the first issue, we see Need gfadmin assist during business hours second issue of "Unknown protocol: jndi.

This is because of multi-thread's nature. Thanks Marcond All reactions. I also want to know the reason executing 2 successfully not using Workaround.

Escort service in queens new waterlooville is an interesting thing to say: while I am debugging start-domain asadmin start-domain --debug, and make debugging pendingif you do not add breakpoint on "sl.

Once they port the fix, we will see the issue, so we need to find a proper solution. So, I will continue to investigate the reason. I will give it a Utica gay forum next week and am sure can find out what's going on.

We expected web-glue to be activated before web container is used. Best Regards. The exception: T In addition, my env is windows xp, jdk 1. There are two competing thre in the system: one that's setting the start level to 2 or whatever we decide the final startlevel be, the second one is loading the console app.

That will help us analysing the issue as well as fixing the document if need be. FileRealm successfully created. Sahoo All reactions. One of the glassfish modules called web-glue has an activator which registers a URL handler service in OSGi service registry. The workaround solves the problem, though I had to wipe osgi-cache.

Where is glassfish-osgi-console-plugin. It was when we filled the bug report.

Reload to refresh your session. So, I have confirmed that on 3.

GlassFishBrandingPlugin eae9cc .

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However, it would be very good to document how this bug was solved, or what was its nature. Didn't actually do any modification, or extra stuff, in any file. Milestone 4. Jump to bottom. I am running on windows 7, jdk1. Please wait.

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I just download glassfish IllegalArgumentException: addChild: Child name '' is not unique at org. It should work. It can be activated even at framework start level of 1 when adminconsole installer thread is trying to load the console.

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After happening "Unknown protocol: jndi" issue, Spartanburg sc escort gals cleared osgi-cache and re-start domain, result is that "Unknown protocol: jndi" issue still existed.

Could you also describe the exact steps to reproduce your original problem?

What might be happening is that adminconsole is coming up before the startlevel is reached to 2. I think starting with gf3. But, due to this Felix bug 2, our bundle is not getting activated. However, about the concreate reason, I think that we need not investigate it because of the change from 3.

This is resulting in all sorts of issues. Thanks much, Sahoo All reactions. Later on when console thread tried to start console, it never tried to start web-glue again.

IllegalStateException: Unknown protocol: jndi at org. You can count on me to apply any other tests. There is a problem that must be confirmed :.

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As Tang said, when the app gets loaded as part of server startup, it happens in a separate thread. Let me take a moment to explain things again.

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IllegalStateException: ContainerBase. First - the org. I have confirmed with adminconsole team that they are yet to port the feature from 3. Could you check what's the value there? Aside from the glassfish-osgi-gui install, the GF server is absolutely untouched, without any changes. ExecutionException: java.

So, the issue can not happen on current gf trunk.

Need gfadmin assist during business hours ContainerBase.

The hardware I used for these tests is a Core2 Duo, 2. I want to get to the bottom of this problem for good. There is a problem that must be confirmed : On 3. WebApplication start method java. Thanks much. That explains why we are not seeing the issue in trunk as of now.

Could you please document clearly the steps to reproduce both the problems? While this "Unknown protocol: jndi" was reported regarding the OSGi Console, I added my feedback because this was the most reproducible case.

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What we noticed is that when webconsole is installed, osgi-http module gets activated when start level changes to 2. Starting with gf3. Copy link. It appears to be some race condition between the bundles.

Habitat for Need gfadmin assist during business hours.

RuntimeException: com. So, I want to ask sahoo whether needing to investigate the problem or not? I wish you can summary these problems if possible one by Minden fuck swingers uk and we need such use cases to improve quality.

So, we will confirm it on current gf trunk. Sorry, something went wrong. This error will definitely go away when we move every console related bundles to modules dir. You ed out in another tab or window.

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AppserverConfigEnvironmentFactory -Djava. I still can't explain the "Unknown protocol: jndi" issue. I was wondering if there have been any progress?

However, it was not practical to open bug reports for these cases since the Hot topix tromso is very complex and it would be really hard to describe how to reproduce the error.

Needing to note a fact, while gf is loading admin gui app using a thread, gf self has a thread kernel thread to set glassfish.

Could you please review Need gfadmin assist during business hours application?

Can not open OSGi console i. But due to this Felix bug, web-glue's activator is not called, yet WebContainer service has been made available. So, regardless of whether setting glassfish. ConfigurationException: java. Exception: java.

GlassFishBrandingPlugin eae9cc T Already have an ? I will see if I can find some more about it. I'll try to recover some files from the backups, which can be helpful. I looked back for the artifacts about this error and they were discarded shortly after the migration to GF 3.

Anyway, after two months I must say that GF 3. After investigating Brisbane korean massage change between 3.

However, going back 3. If the 2nd thread runs ahead of 1st thread, then we will get "Can't start bundle because start level of bundle is 2 where as framework start level is 1" kind of error.

That is to say, loading admin gui app and setting glassfish. Second - once we get past the first issue, we see the second issue of "Unknown protocol: jndi.

Need gfadmin assist during business hours it is also equal to the value of org.

And it is also equal to the value of org. Autostart bundles start by a startlevel thread. Thanks Marcond.

Backing to the problem, since when starting domain, gf will not load admin gui, setting glassfish.

Have a question about this project? I will continue to keep trace the problem and also wait for sahoo's comments. I made a confirmation:.

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All reactions. So, because of multi-thread's nature, as to my machine or marcond's machine, starting glassfish-osgi-console-plugin is done before setting glassfish. This is a ondemand loading! In addition, about Cambridge massage gumtree problem "Unknown protocol: jndi"based the above compare, if after 2I moved "glassfish-osgi-console-plugin.

Simply saying because code structure is very complexgf admin gui offered a contract called org. To fix the second issue, I propose that we register jndi protocol handler via a GlassFish startup service.

Thanks much, Sahoo. I checked the property: glassfish. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. ClientDriver -Djavax. Can you try moving that glassfish-osgi-console-plugin. Finally, there is still a question: why the issue does not happen on current gf trunk?

During osgi-http module activation, it lo WebContainer. .

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