Ugly frankston east woman I bought in Frankston - Karingal back in with a view to live there for a couple of years then hold onto it as an investment property. I kind of miss my home in Frankston North, and it is a lot better than the place I am renting in Sydney right now, but work I must. I experienced Frankston a lot! Frankstonian is a rubbish term, no such thing at all. Early voting for Nov.

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. Please don't come and lower the value of our community. It needs another 10 years for it to become too expensive for the scum to live there. By the way, google Footy Show street talk St Kilda and you'll get the same kind of stuff. I try to be balanced and provide a viewpoint that takes into both the positive and the negative.

We know a very successful developer who loves Frankston and will soon be starting an upmarket development soon.

Wow doohan im not exactly sure where you got your figures for median house prices for Frankston north. I Horny girls plattsburgh I'm a good example of someone who only believed the cliches so that's Horny fucklocals lumby british columbia needs some play I like to respond to these questions because I also thought Frankston was the proverbial poster-child suburb for bogans and crime and had nothing to offer at all.

Very well put Saray. Citysister, I never said I take my 'views on life' based on the footy show, I said watch it for 'a laugh'. There is a lot invested into eradicating the stigma that it once had and changing the area!

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Frankston is far bigger than the one C section people like to take a swing at and it's really getting old hey. Jarrah thanks for your response. It's only cheap if you buy cheap house and do work yourself.

The last thing a budding young backpacker wants to see is the turmoil of a forgotten soul.

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She is 25 years old, hardworking and has done this on her own. My children caught the train from the station and buses around the area, but I always told them not to stay and wait near the train station, but to go into the shopping centre. There's Frankston and there's Frankston. Frankston is one of the largest suburbs by area in Victoria.

Wanna talk about ghetto? And I'd say, sooner than later. He he!! We have one foot in the country and one in the city.

But I enjoyed Frankston North. Thanks for your open mindedness, AJ.

Snapchat sluts lexington fayette seen a few of your posts and figured you were just interested in the topic as opposed to becoming a neighbour however you'd love it here, I'm sure - not that I'm saying you're a bogan ; It does arouse a lot of passion from both ends of the spectrum!

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We purchased late What needs to be fully understood is that there is so much diversity to Frankston. Doohan you are not addressing AJ's question!

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But who knows what it may grow up to be. I think you lost peoples interest the moment you referred to human beings as scum! Mt Eliza and Mornington are more like regional areas though and you pay ificantly more for them plus they do not have the Going to hammond for sex growth potential of Frankston nor the council budgets as they fall under a different council.

Doohan, someone who takes their views on life based on the footy show has to be questioned. I could share some frightening fables of my trips to Acland street, St Kilda.

Saray has articulated her Ugly frankston east woman very well and patiently.

For all those that enjoy it the way it is make the most of it,it will not last. Unanswered topics about Frankston, VIC What daytime activities does the senior citizens club in Frankston run?

So from my point of view the beautiful beaches and coastline are really the main attractions. Also great comment AJ and in the same light as Saray I thank you for your open mind!

As for investment this is as close to a Ostfildern gentlemans club bet as you could get in terms of capital growth.

It really is kind of funny actually. I never have lived there but people like Saray are really passionate about it which is fantastic to see such home suburb support.

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I'm not Ugly frankston east woman to Frankston, I live on the other side of the bay and love it. And CitySister - let's face it, we're not going to convince Doohan of anything so we may as well get a laugh out of it :.

Frankston is 20km sq. Is Frankston a good place to call home. I have however seen a couple of beggars on Swan street in Richmond recently! So to help you get a better picture you really need to look at the different areas. If Male escort join was all about beating up on "frankston" there's more than enough of that information out there for you to rehash.

I like to keep an open mind about everything so thought I'd give it a shot, against every instinct in my body, mind you!

Sex old women at cedarville illinois has already been pointed out, there are many different areas with the Frankston region and it's folly to lump them together to create an all-encompassing view of Frankston.

And while I don't wish to speak for Citysister I think she was simply saying that the Footy Show highlights the cliche but it just isn't true for the whole suburb. In Australia it's a lottery whether you grow up in a rich area with lots of cultural and social capital or a deprived area like parts of Frankston.


The move was quick and unplanned, but we wanted to live near the school. So what areas in Frankston should be avoided when looking to buy??

Several activities for children were available in the Ugly frankston east woman.

Well by my calculations and I might be wrong as I'm just a scum bogan with too much cash Mr Sammy Newman couldn't even afford these 2 properties, let alone a fresh perspective on an amazing beautiful city!

Yes, Frankston North probably cannot compare to places like Toorak, but then I have also read above what AshleySimmonds wrote, that Toorak is no picnic either. It would be remiss of me to suggest Frankston is just like Brighton. Jarrah is completely right!!!

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely. And then I read yours. Frankston or Clayton? But where to why. But then I probably came from a rougher place. My answer is yes. It genuinely is a nice place, there are very decent people there.

I lived in Frankston from early until mid and I raised my two children there. We fully enjoyed living in Frankston and we still return to shop, visit friends or East indian escorts batley enjoy the area we have come to know and love.

I have also lived in Brighton, hawthorn, kew etc. Any common sense person would keep away from the seedy areas like the Frankston station of a night time.

Living in the general Frankston area, when I was a teenager, the worst I got was the odd bogan asking me if I had a "spare ciggie" or "Couple of dollars". Every place has some beauty if you view it with the eyes that see… No, it would certainly not be about beating up on Frankston.

Maybe Housewives personals in parker az can ask the 83 people who were raped in Frankston in There are so many sex crimes in Frankston that the Police formed their own sexual and child abuse investigation team in Sexy fayetteville arkansas babes So AJ, what do you think?

We almost bought in Elwood where we lived prior but the commute for my husband made it too hard so we ended up here.

Somewhere towards the end of your writing you said : "i can roll enough stories to make a mini series.

I'm a 24 year old ex Mornington resident and often went shopping Horny bartow florida women and obviously had to go through Frankston to travel to the City. A little of a generalisation, Doohan, but accurate for Ugly frankston east woman areas.

But it is definitely a little rough around the Ugly frankston east woman, I agree. Having grown up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, as well as attending a leading private school in Kew, I feel well-equipped to briefly share our experience of living in the Cliff Road area of Oliver's Hill.

It's sad and funny at the same time because most of these elitest wannabes are probably from Carnbourne or Pakenham hehe.

Not one person talks about the potential for community building or the richness of diversity. Makes Frankston look like Toorak, oh wait I live in Toorak and I did just tell you about my "safe and upper class" way of life, yeah?

People just want an area to make fun because they're insecure about their own social status and class, it just has to be Frankston. Go a bit further down the bay - Mount Eliza and Mornington are times better. Frankston is getting the Yummy house kingston clean up with future development plus 35 police officers allocated to the area for this year alone.

You're also right about it needing 10 years to gentrify however I think you are not taking into the good areas I mentioned. I used to make fun of Dandenong and Footscray but since being a young adult and experiencing all areas of Melbourne, I've realised it's all the same.

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Frankston North and The Pines train station and beyond — these are the areas which garner Frankston Ugly frankston east woman poor reputation. My business is based in Melbourne though I can work form home and my husband's predominantly in Sorrento and Portsea so we needed a central base and Frankston is perfect for that.

We had a lovely home with everything one could want, quarter acre blocks huge parks across the street, world class 36 hole golf course beside us, flora and fauna reserve around the corner, Ballam park only minutes away by far the best park of its day anywhere in the south east spectacular beaches easily the best stretch in the bay with amazing child friendly sand banks and all this for an extremely modest price.

If you are the type of person who does not want to live in Frankston believe me that is absolutely fine with me and I'm sure Citysister feels the same. I moved from the housing commission flats in North Richmond to you guessed it, North Frankston.

Frankston's 'ratty' reputation brands all its citizens with a lid of low expectations… Frankston requires heavy security and the necessary standards Ugly frankston east woman not currently being met.

A fully furbished veggie patch, would give school aged children an environmentally friendly hobby that gives back to Frankston and can potentially help feed our homeless citizens… In conclusion, Frankston is liveable but it is not a desirable place to be a resident of….

You are totally right and I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about and no basis for my observations or experiences. I guess labelling people makes it easier to absolve yourself from the responsibility of having benefited from an unfair social system.

Our emphasis on property values is creating a generation that care about little besides capital growth. For those that don't like it and you made a comment I hope it was with the experience knowing that some of the Gay escort areas went through the same phase.

I went to a private Best massage parlours in coquitlam on the peninsula and had a great middle class up bringing.

The neighbour behind us went to a private school in Toorak. It's a tiny suburb currently undergoing massive gentrification but the prices are still well behind all suburbs surrounding it, take a look at the current data and a map of the area if you doubt this!

We planned on only living here temporarily to qualify for the first home buyers grant then renting it out but 2 years later we're still here and surprisingly really enjoying it!

People from Frankston South go to great pains to distinguish it from the rest of Frankston. Are you ready to call Frankston home? It is unsafe to walk around Frankston on one's own, a constant fear looms over the he of lone citizens and a permanent fear is not what Frankston should be projecting.

Honestly, bigotry and narrow mindedness is usually considered the realm of the bogan and yet your opinions are incredibly bigoted and narrow minded and you're calling everyone else bogans. We loved the area and the closeness to the water, the City Melbournethe Peninsula and the liveability of going to different parks for a BBQ tea several times a week during good weather and meeting locals or visitors.

I agree with what Sarah has said.

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Looking for a home in Frankston, VIC Search Frankston, VIC Madera ca nude dating for sale. Add comment. Of course there are good people in Frankston, there a good people in Sunshine too lol, doesnt make it any better of an area.

To help annihilate this disheartening Frankston issue, local cafes and businesses need to be a part of the solution. She worked and saved hard for her first little home, Consejos paradise amor online she loves it.

This was lateand I stayed there till late Although I still own a rental house in North Frankston my profession forces me to look for and work interstate. We love the serenity, neighbours and our beautiful water views.

To stop this developing problem, the local council needs to employ visible security, at train stations and local hot spots like the skate park. Sweetwater Creek is a regular walk with our dogs, the Frankston foreshore is superb and neighbouring Frankston South has some stunning pockets.

The more I see of the area, the more I am amazed at how beautiful it is. A homeless shelter that is equipped with stretchers, pillows, blankets and shower and toilet facilities… To aesthetically better our society a community garden would be a productive and valuable addition to the town.

We found we were pushed out of the market in our chosen areas near the city by this real estate boom so we thought "why not? I've read all the comments here for a simple reason that one day I may consider moving to Frankston, probably its South wing.

I can't seem to remember any homeless people lounging around the Frankston city centre last weekend when I was there?? And, the developers are already making grand plans. Some love it, some hate it I think it's also a really important distinction to Ugly frankston east woman with a suburb like Frankston between people who live there and who don't.

Oh Doohan you ignorant fool.

Following the Ugly frankston east woman departmental reports and the announcement that the Square Fair is scheduled for 10 a.

Give up Doohan. The entire area of Frankston is still extremely undervalued! The generalisation and stereotyping of Frankston shows a kind of narrow mindedness akin to the American way of discriminating against blacks and gays. But it has paid off and we really do have a wonderful lifestyle here now.

If people like my daughter are living in Frankston I don't think it can be such a bad place! Median prices are not the best Ugly frankston east woman though you are correct - those other suburbs are more expensive but hat kind of supports what a lot of people say which is Frankston is highly undervalued.

Our family moved down from inner Bayside to the Frankston City Council for a local school. Saray has articulated her argument very well and patiently. Certain pockets, despite their incredible growth over the past 2 years are going to Ugly frankston east woman an even greater rate of growth in the very near future.

There should be room for tales about ordinary life, about families and about love. We even swap produce that we grow in our own gardens.

Wow, what a read! The majority of these people that sledge Frankston have never, and probably will never come here, but I can say one thing.

Frankston North is a great example. I'm certainly not disagreeing with you - we're saying the same thing about certain parts of Frankston, I just happen to be looking at the whole suburb and pointing out that it's not the same throughout.

The fact is all of the following terms could describe Frankston but only certain parts of it: Seedy, serene, beautiful, quiet, hectic, scenic, ugly, picturesque, dangerous, calm. Find real estate agents in Frankston, VIC Compare all real estate agents in Frankston, Ugly frankston east woman.

Popular questions in Frankston, VIC Is Frankston a safe place to live? Let everyone criticise Frankston for now and keep those crowds away, because it wont be long.

Frankston has battled with homelessness, drug addicts and unemployment for a long time. If I said today is Tuesday you'd find a way to disagree with me go on, please take the bait. I kind of miss my home in Frankston North, and it is a lot better than the place I am renting in Sydney right now, but work I must.

My daughter purchased her first little unit in Frankston - budget dictated where she could buy.

A program in which left over food that would Tulare gloryhole locations be disposed of is handed out to our homeless citizens.

Here are just a few lines of their glowing report Singles 50 dating greenville their city: …some aspects of our fair city are not so desirable.

I live in a beautiful street, I have a mixed bunch of neighbours who are lovely and we speak with them regularly. AJ did also not ask for a comparison between Frankston and the other suburbs on the Mornington Peninsula, just simply whether it deserved its reputation and whether it was a good place to call home.

If anything your just pointing out th e affordability factor for first home buyers and why now is a good time to buy in whilst its not at its peak! Yes, the cliches are true - but do not apply to the entire suburb like St kilda where one street is filled with low budget housing, prostitutes and drug dealers and a km away you have mulitmillion dollar bayside homes.

Its not a matter of IF Frankstons reputation and value will change, its when!

Ok, as time went on it did get a little rundown, and the pines dedicated housing commission estate didn't raise Escort morphett vale massage bar for the area as a whole but so what!

Why do prices go higher and higher the further you move away from Frankston??? I saw drug deals being done in front of car yards and yes people would ask for cigarettes etc in the street from time to time, but that is no different to parts of Melbourne where people ask for money. I grew up in Karingal and loved it.

It's inevitable given the area's world class infrastructure and the fact that it's on the bay with easy access to Melbourne.

View all Frankston, VIC forum discussions. Just a thought Thanks for reading. Kilda Vic, Berwick Vic. I went to school Transexual sex sheffield Hawthorn Vic for 6 years.

Along with Frankston South this is a somewhat prestigious area of Frankston. The label will continue. I love it here. It's a low socio economic area, it is cheap and attracts those on low incomes. Also my partner and I purchased in Frankston after 6 months of coming out and researching the area ourselves in person!

Responding to Jarrah's comments. It's not. These areas are probably not bad in terms of investment potential but for lifestyle they are not ideal — though they are very affordable!

I don't even think the most diehard Frankstonite would deny there are seedy elements - you are totally right about that but the cliche does not hold for the entire suburb.

As I said, you may be surprised - I know I was. I think what we're trying to say is while most people know about the dodgy part of Frankston that you speak of and is probably no surprise to anyone they're usually completely oblivious to the parts of Frankston which are really lovely and that's why we're at great pains to point out to people that they need to look beyond the cliche to find the diamonds in the admittedly pretty bad rough :.

Older houses but slowly being gentrified. His crimes did contribute for people to perceive the area in a particular light, but lets not forget that ugly crimes happen absolutely anywhere. Frankston will have it's Ugly frankston east woman. I don't believe AJ was asking about house prices either so this is really beside the point.

Answer questions about Frankston, VIC today. We are very proud of her Big booty chattanooga sex what she has achieved - not complaining about the price of housing - Frankston turned out to be a blessing.

There is no crime on the door step of where I live so it simply does not affect me in my day to day life!

I guess what I'm trying to say is never judge a book before even seeing it's cover, cause that's what so many do about our funky little town!

What was not to like. There is so much on offer. Every suburb has its good and bad. Frankston is by far the most diverse community in Melbourne, possibly even Australia, and makes for a totally unique experience and lifestyle. Frankston also possesses some ugly landmarks, such as the local train station and Young Street.

I have to say I find the whole tenor of this discussion depressing. Now sshhhh, lets not tell anyone about the secret of how damn good this area is. And we're saying the answer to that is yes AND no, depending on which part of Frankston you're talking about.

You will find most suburbs have an area with commissioned housing and a few bogans to match. You Wanted a good piece of ass exactly right Saray! I grew up in Toorak and Hawthorn, went to a private school and then lived in Elwood and Portsea where I still go every weekend until I moved to Frankston and I would certainly not consider myself a bogan.

I'd be really interested to know where you live because I suspect I may have made the same assumptions and had the same narrow minded opinions of you when I was younger Hot sex ads hardinsburg indiana living in Hawthorn.

AND to be honest, Sarah is giving a very fair overview of the suburb - I don't think you can just label a whole suburb a 'Dumb'. As soon as I moved in I traded my Jimmy Choos for moccasins, got an awesome tatt and robbed my neighbour's place for loose change to buy crack from the dealer in the Bayside mall carpark I had to because it was only Tuesday and the dole doesn't come until Thursday.

Yes there were some terrible crimes while we were there, a single Mum shot dead in front of her children and an elderly lady abducted from the train station and burnt to death, but these things happen in lots of suburbs of Melbourne we just have to keep an eye out and report things that appear out of place and teach your family how to keep themselves safe, but this is what we should do anyway.

I experienced Frankston a lot! Or maybe the So is Frankston a good place to call home? I've also lived Carrum when I move out of home and I have now been living on Brockville whore couples boarder of South Yarra and Toorak Williams road for about 3 years.

So you think prices are beside the point?

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I have been based for work at some of these places ,Perth WA. The way I understand lots of people love the beach and especially burying their he in the sand.

One of the best schools in not only the state, but country. You've yet to tell us where you live and how you are able to comment on what it is like to live in Frankston but I'm guessing that is for good reason.

Plaques for the inductees will be added to those of prior honorees in the Ugly frankston east woman High School gymnasium lobby and cafeteria.

Because humanity lies hidden everywhere. Frankston deserves just 1 reputation - a dump. If you told me even 5 years ago I'd buy a house in Frankston I'd have laughed in your face but my prejudice has been turned on its head. Some love being here and would never leave others can't wait to leave.

And as a general rule, the closer to the coast you can afford the better. If there are disadvantaged people in your area, don't you feel any kind of obligation to improve their lot?

It's not just a comment, it's a series of snapshots about Frankston in the 90 that seemed to be a Ugly frankston east woman particular and dangerous place.

Search Frankston, VIC rental properties. I think there's more than enough if it were for the right purpose. What is the current situation in Frankston? AJ, Frankston has a lot of crime, drugs are a huge problem, also homeless people, graffiti, unemployment, drink driving Going north from Frankston Yes, but Adult dating xxx cheating wives in sea island ga think the point is you're completely ignoring the areas of Frankston that are actually really nice arguably as nice as Mornington, Mt Eliza etc with none of the problems you mention.

We had nothing to lose by exploring a new area. So it's no surprise it does have a huge variety but I think you're missing that. It has to be one of the most undervalued suburbs in Melbourne and from the time I've spend in the area it no longer deserves it's bad reputation.

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Will Frankston suffer or benefit after the Peninsula Link segment is completed? All Southport weekly backpage massage suggest to anyone looking into the area is to just go there on a nice day and have a look at the quieter beach areas.

In reality, parts of Frankston Private dating sites west raleigh have a different name Ugly frankston east woman order to differentiate from glib general perceptions. Frankston Male massage adelaide ms a mixed reputation because it is a mixed suburb.

For a town that has its own police station patrolling officers are rarely seen, to decrease the city's crime rate, police visibility should be increased… Frankston's homelessness problem deters shoppers and tourists. I don't see why people say it is rough.

You see what I mean? Instead disadvantaged people are labelled bogans who are responsible for their own poverty. But it certainly had dark times. My University of Melbourne degree went totally down the toilet the moment I moved to Frankston and just stepping into the suburb scrambled the synapses in my brain.

To give you some perspective, Toorak quite a large suburb by Melbourne standards is around 4KMsq, St Kilda around 3kmsq, Elwood around 2. My point is you may be surprised by how nice some parts of Frankston are. It has been the punch line of many a comedians jokes, and it's reputation has always preceded it, however it's now but a shadow of its former 'ghetto' status as the council, police and state government get behind this really amazing city.

Get a grip. Spend 20 minutes driving around Frankston North and you'll see for yourself the transformation that is currently taking place. Making serious documentaries is not about beating up on anything. Not sure if you deliberately avoided the use of capital letters, but that just contributed to that feel of the place and the era that you described.

Perhaps they have moved to the city where food is in vast supply?? I've just always been really curious as to why Frankston really polarises people.

If you like drug dealers and bogans, move in. This is where the cheap housing and crime is for the most part but it would even be unfair to generalise this entire area. And we have found many like minds in the process. Yes there still needs improvement, but like others have said basically everywhere does.

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